A Clean Place, Reasonably Priced
I think I have officially shelved drawing in favour of knitting.

I’m not entirely sure if this is a good thing or not. But I haven’t touched a pencil since I drew Ed in the shower, a good 19 days ago.

I like drawing other people’s characters, and I feel like doing some sketch practice.

So I will do a quick doodle for the first five people who send me a character name/reference via the ask box!

It’ll give me something productive to do after I’ve had a bath and before I go to bed.

After I clean my bedroom floor, I’ve decided to treat myself to a night of drawing.

I intend to focus on my new Mass Effect OC, and maybe squeeze in some Game of Thrones stuff but is there anything anyone would like to see in particular? I am always open to suggestions!

These doodles are for one of those music drawing memes; you have to put your MP3 player on shuffle, then draw a picture to match the song. You have the duration of the track to do it. I was meant to do ten, but I stopped when my hayfever got the better of me!

Anyway, I chose a “Misadventures of Kylla and Ereb” theme, which is a Dragon Age themed project by myself, InverseReality and Polymorphicgirl. HERE IS OUR DEVIANTART GROUP - PLEASE VISIT.

Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions about characters and what not, please ask! :D

The draw an OC/PC every day challenge starts now!
Too tired to ink.

I’m on a roll, baby!


Boy howdy, it’s useful to have a go-to retard Shepard for silly fan art.